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Ro-Wine 2019 Edition

After a series of successful RO-Wine events organized since the commencement of this project, to be more accurate, since 2016, in the spring of 2019 RO-Wine organizers invite the Bucharest public (and not only!) to participate to RO-Wine I The International Wine Festival of Romania, the spring edition, on 25 and 26 May 2019.  

Organized by Marinela V. Ardelean, with Liviu and Mihai Popescu, co-owners of Fratelli Group, RO-Wine | The International Wine Festival of Romania will take place at Fratelli Studios and will reunite all producers that wish to present their best wines, both to the specialized public (HORECA owners and managers, oenologists, communicators etc.) and to passionate persons, to those that wish to discover as much as possible from the secrets of this field. 

A special RO-Wine edition is being prepared, with a spectacular selection of premium and super-premium wines, as well as with a series of novelties meant to satisfy and surprise all needs and wishes of visitors and of producers participating to RO-Wine.  

The RO-Wine Guideline will be launched for the first time at RO-Wine Bucharest. It will be a useful instrument for all visitors and persons passionate of quality wines, detailing all participating wineries, all wines exposed for tasting, well-known restaurants in Bucharest and in the country, and other useful information that render the public aware of the unicity of this event. The RO-Wine Guideline will be distributed, free of charge, in the entire Horeca network, and may be purchased during the festival and from book stores.  

Another RO-Wine novelty shall be the Gourmet Day, when domestic and international culinary delicacies may be tasted. 

Moreover, upon the request of the public, as of this RO-Wine edition, wines exposed during the festival will be able to be purchased. RO-Wine Enoteca will make available to visitors all wine labels exposed during the festival, for direct purchase.  

According to the dedicated model of previous Bucharest editions, the direct interaction between guests and owners of wineries and vineyards will be of great importance, and, as the wine is the main character, organizers continue to opt for the occidental model of super-premium festivals, with identical stands for each producer and a limited number of labels that may be presented. 

Participating wineries

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