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Over 3.500 wine enthusiasts celebrated together at the RO-Wine Festival!

A true wine celebration, exclusive wine tasting, refinement, elegance and a unique atmosphere – these were the ingredients that made the third edition of the RO-Wine | The International Wine Festival of Romania a real treat for the 3.500 visitors. On this special occasion, 3 tons of ice cooled the fine beverages, 4.000 of bottles of water were offered by Aqua Carpatica, the sponsor of the event, to tame the thirst and more than 25.000 glasses of wine were tasted! Also, around 90 glasses were broken to pieces under the joyful applause of the audience.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the wine brought people together into fresh, beautiful, strong friendships during the two days of the festival, on the 19th and the 20th of May, at the Fratelli Studio. Those who love fine wine shared their passion with professionals, owners of wine cellars, HoReCa representatives, special guests and together discovered the excellence in some of the best Romanian and international wines.

More than 350 super-premium wines were offered for tasting! The visitors had the chance to discover an exceptional selection of wines from Romania, New Zeeland, China, Argentina, the United States of America, Italy, France, Portugal, the Republic of Moldavia. In the VIP area the participants encountered a collection of exclusive wines such as the ones from the Champagne region, the wines selected by Helmuth Koecher, „The Wine Hunter” and founder of the Merano Wine Festival, the wines of Bruno Vespa and the extreme wines, all mesmerizing the visitors with their unicity and originality. Among the most expensive wines presented in this edition, there was a Chardonnay from France, whose price started from 200 Euros. The participants were fascinated by the story of one of the Romanian wines which blended, for the first time, the Fetească Albă, Fetească Neagră and Fetească Regală grape varieties.

During the two days, a large number of special guests and public figures also visited the third edition of the Ro-Wine festival, taking part in the wine tastings and wanting to learn more about the refined, carefully selected wines, some of them among the rarest and in limited editions. To count a few of the distinguished guests: Nicholas of Romania and Alina-Maria of Romania, Dan Bittman, Andi Moisescu, Adrian Despot, Răzvan Exarhu, Ilie Năstase, Lili Sandu și Silviu Țolu, Cezar Ouatu, Ciprian Marica, Ioan Andone, Marius Florea Vizante, Zoli Toth, Gabriel Liiceanu, Cătălin Striblea, Ștefan Lungu or Cosmin Tudoran. Nicolai Tand was also present at the Ro-Wine festival not just as a guest, but also as a friend, having a specially designated area for the pastry and bakery products that bear his brand. The hosts of the event, Marinela V. Ardelean and Liviu and Mihai Popescu, along with the RO-Wine ambassadors, Cornel Ilie and Virgil Ianțu, were more than pleased to do the honors for their special guests and all the participants.

”This third edition of the Ro-Wine festival was truly fascinating and the results are beyond expectations! We were overwhelmed by these two dreamlike days full of unique events, beautiful people, eager to find the excellence in premium wines. We had many foreign guests, who were also drawn by the unique wines that could be found at the festival. There were buyers from Japan, Belgium, and Holland mostly looking for local varieties, while the Romanian consumers were fascinated by the extreme wines and the ones available in 1,5 and 3 L bottles, as well as the newly launched Romanian wines.” –  Marinela V. Ardelean.

”More than 3.500 participants at the third edition! This thrills me and gives me such energy! The Ro-Wine festival is the perfect environment for HoReCa owners to interact and the perfect meeting point between wine cellar owners and wine lovers, the most appropriate context for beautiful friendships to bond. I want to thank our partners and friends who supported and attended the festival, also a great thank you to the Ro-Wine ambassadors and to all our visitors for being there. I am already thinking about the next edition, meaning the next chance to meet all of you again!” – Liviu Popescu.

”The Ro-Wine festival is a unique, special, international event and we are happy to have been there together with our friends, Marinela and Liviu, during those two wonderful days. We support the Romanian wines, which we enjoy greatly. Thanks to the wines presented here, this event is a distinct opportunity to promote both the country and the Romanian wine culture. It was here that we chose the wines for our wedding, it was the perfect setting to do that. The VIP area represents a great opportunity to taste remarkable wines, a truly unique experience!” – Nicholas of Romania and Alina-Maria of Romania.

”Ro-Wine is a wonderful experience, where you can taste and breathe style, elegance, and excellence, all 100 % Romanian, in an international context. Extraordinary hospitality and a highly professional public mainly thanks to Marinela Ardelean and Liviu Popescu. Chapeau!” – Helmuth Koecher, „The Wine Hunter” and founder of the Merano Wine Festival, the most exclusive wine festival in Italy.

On the agenda, on Saturday, there was a series of special events that invited the public to dive deeper into the wine culture, such as the workshops held by Stefano Saderi and Federico Giotto, „What is quality?… In a profitable wine business”, „Extreme wines from heroic viticulture”, hosted by Roberto Bartolomeo Lepori and „The Wine in The Future” masterclass presented by Helmuth Koecher.

We thank the RO-Wine | The International Wine Festival of Romania partners: Banca Transilvania, Selgros România, CEZ Vânzare, Aqua Carpatica, Nespresso, RECICLAD’OR and to the media parteners: Adevărul, Biz, Cariere, Digi FM, Horeca Insight, IQads, Life.ro, Luxury, National Geographic România, Nine O’ Clock, OK!Magazine România, OZB, Sette Giorni, Smark, SuperVinuri and Trends HRB.