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RO-Wine autumn edition at Cluj!

At its third edition, RO-Wine| The International Wine Festival of Romania extends to the heart of Transylvania and will present this autumn a spectacular selection of premium and super premium wines to the public in Cluj. The event dedicated to Transylvanian wine lovers will be hosted by Chios Social Lounge on October 27 and 28.

” Cluj is, most definitely, one of the most effervescent regional wine markets in Romania, and the wine fairs organized here are of the highest quality, contributing without a doubt to the creation of an educated public that desires special experiences. Taking this into account and adding the feedback gathered during the three years of organizing RO-Wine in Bucharest, the decision to pick Cluj as our next destination came naturally. The Bucharest festival’s number of participants and visitors grew year after year – this year’s edition we had more than 3500 visitors in 2 days – but it’s still not easily accessible to the Transylvanian public because of the traveling distance and poor infrastructure”, said Marinela V. Ardelean, organiser and co-owner of RO-Wine | The International Wine Festival of Romania.

” Cluj is an active, vibrant and very focused on the HoReCa business. We noticed big investments in the creation of personalized places, and in diversified and coherent designed offerings that target very specific segments of the public. Through RO-Wine, we wish to offer wine lovers and HoReCa professionals the opportunity to directly interact with wine producers and winery owners, and to discover carefully selected wines”, declared Liviu Popescu – Vice-president HORA, entrepreneur and co-owner of RO-Wine | The International Wine Festival of Romania and Fratelli Group.

” In the wine world, the main source of joy is the continuous discovery, and this discovery is our constant focus when we make the premium and super premium wine selection for RO-Wine. Alongside the Romanian producers, whose wines go through a rigorous selection process, there are going to be present numerous top wineries from Europe, which are less know in Romania and less accessible to the Romanian public. It will be the perfect occasion to discover new tastes, attitudes, and trends and, we hope, it will lay the foundation for a new tradition on Cluj’s oenological events scene”, added Marinela V. Ardelean.

” From my perspective, an architect and designer, Cluj is an ever-transforming city that focuses heavily on design, and RO-Wine will be my opportunity to leave my mark in this part of the country. I am really glad to have the chance to work on a solution that combines the modernity that is characteristic to RO-Wine with the neoclassic, historical buildings and the ancient architectural elements… It’s almost as if the wine’s life – which happens in the same game between modernity and tradition – is translated in the architecture of the place that accommodates us” adds Mihai Popescu, architect, and designer, co-owner of RO-Wine | The International Wine Festival of Romania and Fratelli Group.

About the festival and it’s organizers:

RO-Wine | The International Wine Festival of Romania is the first local wine fair dedicated exclusively to the premium and deluxe wine market. The previous three editions held in Bucharest were organized by Marinela V. Ardelean and Liviu and Mihai Popescu.

Liviu Popescu is co-owner of the Fratelli Group and HORA vice-president and Mihai Popescu is an architect and designer and also a co-owner of Fratelli Group. Marinela V. Ardelean is the author of The Wine Book of Romania, sommelier and wine critic, a judge in international wine competitions and Foss Marai and Vinars Brancoveanu ambassador.

The previous editions of the festival brought together some of the most exclusivist wineries in the world and presented each year a special selection of rare and less accessible wines.