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RO-Wine Cluj becomes an annual festival

With more than 1,700 visitors, VIP tickets sold out before the official opening and more than 1,300 empty bottles (and other hundreds opened…), the first Transylvanian edition of RO-Wine|The International Wine Festival of Romania, that took place between 27 and 28 October in Cluj, in the sumptuous space of Chios Social Lounge, can be considered a real success.

The festival reunited, directly or through distributors, more than 50 Romanian or international producers, all exclusively selected by virtue of the quality of wines.

According to the dedicated model of previous editions that took place in Bucharest, the accent was put on the direct interaction between guests and owners of wineries and vineyards and, as the wine was the main character, organizers chose the western model of super-premium festivals, with identical stands to each producer and a limited number of labels that may be presented.

“Great festivals use to assault visitors by loud music, spectacular stands, lights, hostesses, so that visitors’ attention may be turned away, as much as possible, and their consent be easily obtained. Here, everything is about the wine, about what it knows and can say, about how much it persuades its clients that it is worth coming back. Not only do we oppose the commercial wine “fair” concept, but we also consider that such a concept would be an insult to the public in Cluj, already initiated in oenology. The high level of the audience was, actually, the main reason that convinced us to organize this pilot-edition. Everything was above expectation and we can already say that RO-Wine Cluj was the milestone for a new tradition: to become an annual festival”, says Marinela V. Ardelean, organizer of the event.

“We decided to have a RO-Wine edition in Cluj-Napoca as result of the fact that we wish to extend the access of people passionate about quality wines, especially because we feel that there is potential in Ardeal, that we will have the necessary audience to talk about wines and to create long-lasting friendships. We did not set any objectives for the first edition, getting out of Bucharest was a first even for RO-Wine team, but we have had an extremely beautiful surprise! We enjoyed the presence of many visitors, friends and HoReCa representatives who did not want to miss the meeting with some of the most refined wines. We never walked away from presenting high-class assortments to the public, giving them the opportunity to find tastes and flavours that are really unique, and we will continue to do this each year, in Bucharest, as well as during other editions in Cluj-Napoca, for all wine lovers!”, declared Liviu Popescu.

Besides the wines that are available at stands or in the VIP area, RO-Wine Cluj also hosted a series of special events – comparative tasting between different harvesting of the famous Flamboyand from Davino, the first vertical tasting of the four Apogeum Fetească Neagră (Tohani) editions, a presentation of President super-premium cheese, next to the most appropriate wines, as well as the official release of the third volume of The Wine Book of Romania, the annual guideline of Romanian premium wines.