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About RO-Wine

RO-Wine | The International Wine Festival of Romania is the top event which brings in front of the wine lovers and HoReCa operators a unique selection of some of the best local and international wines. At its third edition, May 19-20th, RO-Wine Festival comes with many surprises, like a selection of over 350 superpremium wines, a gourmet section, or a VIP area, with exclusive labels.

RO-Wine Editions

RO-Wine | The Wine Festival of Romania

May 2016

RO-Wine | The Wine Festival of Romania, the first international premium wine festival in Romania, at its first edition, where the participants could taste around 300 labels, owned by 60 producers, 32 of them locals and 28 international ones.

RO-Wine | Rosé & Bubbles

July 2016

Following the great success of the first RO-Wine edition, the wine lovers could enjoy a unique summer selection of over 100 rosé and sparkling wines, tasted at seafood. Where? At RO-Wine | Rosé & Bubbles!

RO-Wine | The Wine Festival of Romania

May 2017

70 wine producers present at RO-Wine | The Wine Festival of Romania and over 2.500 visitors who enjoyed the unique selection of wines offered for tasting. The event hosted the official launch of The Wine Book of Romania’s second volume.

RO-Wine | HoReCa

May 2017

RO-Wine | HoReCa, a special edition dedicated exclusively to HoReCa operators, in the desire to be closer to them, as part of the target audience of the festival, and to invest in the accessibility of quality wines.

RO-Wine | Rosé & Bubbles

August 2017

Rosé and sparkling wines flavor, at the seafront, for the second year in a row! A unique selection of over 100 local and international wines, and more than 20 producers present at the event.

RO-Wine | The International Wine Festival of Romania

May 2018

The wine, star for the third year in a row at RO-Wine | The International Wine Festival of Romania, where over 250 top quality wines are offered for tasting! This year, for the first time, the festival becomes international, due to the large number of foreign producers present at the 2017 edition.

About RO-Wine 2018

A new fascinating journey to the wine world, as part of RO-Wine | The International Wine Festival of Romania, will take place on 19 and 20 May 2018! After the success of the previous editions, the wine will be, and this year too, a star! For two days, at Fratelli Studios, the RO-Wine festival offers a selection of over 350 top wines, Romanian and international ones. The third edition of RO-Wine comes with news! A gourmet section, as well as workshops or seminars supported by foreign specialists. For the passion and wine lovers, we designed the VIP area, where they can taste over 100 exclusive wines, presented by professionals with experience in wine art.

RO-Wine Festival in 2018

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More than 2.500 wine lovers were at RO-Wine | The Wine Festival of Romania

For two days, on 20 and 21 May 2017, wine was the main star in RO-Wine | The Wine Festival of Romania at Fratelli Studios! More than 2.500 wine lovers, along with specialists in the field, wine cellars owners, HoReCa representatives and special guests, enjoyed the selection of wines specially prepared for them, top Romanian and international varieties.


Wine lovers’ meeting, on 2017’s summer, at RO-Wine | Rosé & Bubbles

On August 5th 2017, wine lovers met at Fratelli Mamaia with the finest and scented notes of some of the most appreciated rosé and sparkling wines, which belong to wine cellars from Romania or abroad.


Liviu Popescu

Liviu Popescu is the organizer of RO-Wine|The International Wine Festival of Romania. Events manager is his main working activity and, certainly, he is a benchmark in HoReCa industry in Romania. Until 2005, Liviu was General Director for Le Club, Sofitel Hotel and he is currently managing PR campaigns and development strategies for Fratelli Group. Liviu Popescu is also vice president of HORA, “Organization of Owners of Hotels and Restaurants in Romania”) and MasterChef Romania 2017 jury member.

Marinela V. Ardelean

Marinela V. Ardelean - A world citizen with multi-cultural roots, Marinela is Italian, raised in Transylvania and inspired by the lush and long-standing wine culture of the Latin Europe. An innovative, creative and tenacious entrepreneur, Marinela welcomes the challenge of turning her passions into an exciting career. She acquired most of her wine knowledge and expertise in world-famous wine regions such as Bordeaux, Champagne, Tuscany, Piedmont and Veneto. With an MBA in wines and more than 10 years of experience in the wine industry, Marinela is a wine business consultant, author of The Wine Book of Romania, and a professional wine judge for several worldwide competitions.

Mihai Popescu

Mihai Popescu is the organizer of The International Wine Festival of Romania. A successful designer, with more than 15 years of experience in HoReCa industry, Mihai was noticed for the design concept created for more than 100 restaurants, bars and clubs, and also for his own projects which he is currently running in Romania. He won the Restaurant & Bar Design Award in London, at one of the most important contests in the world, in this industry. Mihai is the founder and manager of Twins Studio, architecture and design company, which is the only one that creates and produces the design for RO-Wine | The International Wine Festival of Romania.


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