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RO Wine Cluj, second edition: hundreds of wines, thousands of visitors and a perfect vibe!

The second edition in Cluj of  RO – Wine | The International Wine Festival of Romania has had an audience that has exceeded the expectations – 3,000 visitors have enjoyed the wines and delicacies presented during the two days of festival, compared to the 1,700 participants of last year.

On Saturday morning, during the first hours of the festival, managers and active persons in charge of HoReCa industry benefitted from a private tour of the festival, and the answer to this invitation was overwhelming, participants being not only businessmen from Cluj, but from all over Transilvania and even from Banat. The area proved to be too small during both afternoons, due to the great number of wine lovers in permanent increase in Cluj.

One of the revelations of the fair was Chef Nicolai Tand, whose traditional stand, with bread, bacon, zacuscă and cheese was always crowded. Liviu Popescu, former jury of Master Chef and co-organizer of the festival, also enchanted the audience with smoked goose dishes made available by Galicea Mare Winery.

A special place was occupied by the RO – Wine ambassador, Nicolae of Romania, whose presence was widely appreciated both among exhibitors and among visitors, thus the hundreds – or even thousands – of photographs that were made.

“There were, surprisingly, a lot of people, to the joy of exhibitors, as well as ours, as organizers. I had the pleasure to discover, the same as last year, a different attitude, a vide that one can rarely find elsewhere, a mixture of relaxation, warmth and good mood which translates into an extraordinary climate. We had many special persons, from journalists and bloggers to professional athletes, from HoReCa professionals to businessmen, all united by their passion for wine and gourmet products. I felt that our work of selecting premium and super-premium wines was fully rewarded by the enthusiasm of people that passed through our doorway”, declared Marinela V. Ardelean, co-organizer of the event.

RO – Wine will return to Cluj next year, for sure, in the last weekend of October. Until then, RO – Wine Bucharest, which will take place between 30 and 31 May 2020, is being prepared, registrations following to end by the end of this year.


More than 5,000 wine lovers and HoReCa operators came this year to the fourth edition of RO Wine l The International Wine Festival of Romania, an absolute participation record that confirms us that the wine has started to redeem its status as central element of our culture and tradition. This was the first time that foreign tourists confirmed their participation, especially coming to take part to the festival and to get to know Romanian wines.

A record has also been the number of exhibitors, around 90 Romanian and international producers, who chose to present their best wines to the public through our festival.

The Gourmet Experience area, present for the first time, in an area completely limited from the wine exposure area, has made available to visitors traditional and international delicacies during the entire festival, from oysters, octopus and goat cheese to game meat, foie grass or trout specialties, while the performing Josper grill was sizzling all day long, covered in New Zeeland veal ribs, smoked duck legs or Argentina calf steak.

This fourth Bucharest edition of RO Wine l The International Wine Festival of Romaniahas also marked the launch of RoWine Guide, which describes all wines and wineries participating to the festival. As of today, RoWine Guide is available in the Romanian bookstores.

“The most important thing found and confirmed by exhibitors is that the public has many knowledges in the field, which transformed the interaction with oenologists and owners of wineries into a complex experience, full of satisfaction. It is amazing to see how questions arise, how they find their answer and how all these take place in a beautiful, friendly environment, of smiling people”, says Marinela V. Ardelean, co-organizer of RO Wine l The International Wine Festival of Romania.

“It was an edition above expectations, with almost 2,000 participants more than our initial estimates. Probably the free access of horeca professionals has led to this great mobilization and this translates into significant benefits to all present exhibitors, who could clearly understand how the local restaurant market operates, which is the knowledge level and expectations of operators.  We can only enjoy this success and try, as much as possible, to replicate it throughout the editions we are about to organize this year in other towns, as well”, says Liviu Popescu, co-organizer of the festival.

After last year’s success, with its first edition in Cluj, RO-Wine will come back to Transilvania’s capital in October this year, after having held the first edition in Iași, scheduled in September. For both editions in the country, registrations of participants will be done as of June, domestic wine producers having priority.

We thank our partners: Banca Transilvania, Grupul CEZ România, Alexandrion Group, Selgros România, AQUA Carpatica, Chef & Sommelier, Caro Hotel, Phoenix Media, BlackCab.