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RO-Wine’s second edition - A complete and refined wine’s story, written on 20 and 21 May

The event took place on the 20th and 21st  of May, at Fratelli Studios, and facilitates the tasting of over 300 carefully selected wines, offering consumers a wide range of tastes and flavors, as well as access to some special wines, that are not present on the Romanian market yet.

Over 2.500 participants were at this RO-Wine second edition and enjoyed the unique selection of wines. Among the special guests were Ilie Năstase, Andi Moisescu, Samuel le Torriellec and Răzvan Exarhu, MasterChef jury members, Daniel Buzdugan. This year too, alongside Marinela V. Ardelean, the other organizers of the festival are Liviu and Mihai Popescu, co-owners of Fratelli Group.

“The second edition of RO-Wine | The Wine Festival of Romania was a real joy. Compared to the first edition, this year, the percentage of international wines presented to visitors was higher than that of Romanian wines, which makes the next edition of RO-Wine under the auspices of The International Wine Festival of Romania”, said Marinela V. Ardelean, specialist in the enogastronomic industry, critic of wines, professor and author of The Wine Book of Romania.

“RO-Wine is the perfect partner for any HoReCa location, even during this edition of the festival many contracts have been signed directly with the producers. In addition, access to numerous international specialists and wine cellar owners makes this event unique”, said Liviu Popescu, HoReCa entrepreneur, MasterChef Romania 2017 jury member and RO-Wine organizer.

The launch of the second edition of The Wine Book of Romania was been hold within the festival, which is the first bilingual guide of the best wines in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, a personalized business card for the wine industry and a useful tool for its promotion throughout the world.